Our office building required a whole new security system due to a break in. I called them in. They inspected the entire premises and gave me an estimate which came to a very reasonable price. They installed the cameras and monitors as well as alarms and motion sensors. Overall, the quality of the work was perfect and the price was well worth it. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality work at a good price.


I had a burned out fuse box at home and we were honestly panicking as it was getting late. We contacted them and they came over straight away. They were able to repair it the same day at a rather affordable price, much to my surprise. I was very happy not only with their work, but also with their behavior throughout the process. They were friendly and reassuring about the situation and this was a bonus. Will certainly use them again.


I decided to spruce up my garden as it looked really dull. Part of the plan was to include a walk way that lights up when people are present at night. I was not sure if it would actually be possible. My friend referred me to them as she had worked with them many times before. They came and suggested different options. They got the job done and my garden looks simply gorgeous. Two thumbs up to them. They definitely have my recommendation.


I was trying to reduce my electricity costs at home and also be more environmentally friendly. I wanted to switch to energy saving bulbs and lights all over my house but my light holders kept burning out. They came and rewired all the lights for a reasonable price and now I am saving a lot on my energy costs.

Jeff Scannell

I reached to your electrician service company to ask them service the generators with promotional package that I received in a mail. The technician was in the constant contact with us through phone and also kept us apprised about the situation. Then he proceeded and told me that package that we picked was actually beyond what we required and took initiative to change this and save money. This is totally rare to find the company that says they put customer first & actually do it. Thus, if you’re looking for the company that is very ethical then the search is over.


They will consistently do the exemplary work every time that they are in your home.” There must be the special star rating category only for professionals like employees of your electrician service company. Scheduling is respectful and prompt. Technicians are on time. They will consistently do the exemplary work every time that they are in the home. You have earned our trust from beginning of the construction project and may continue to be the first call for any future projects Keep up the good work all the best.